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Secured Business Loan

The complete Definition

What is a secured Business Loan?

Seeking a secured business loan for your company allows you to obtain long-term funding without the hassle of asking the bank.

A secured business or commercial loan is a loan secured against an asset of the borrower.

The most common forms of collateral which can be used  are property, such as a house, shop or commercial building, or other tangible assets such as a vehicle, equipment, or plant machinery. 

In some instances, business stock can be accepted as security too.

Understand how Secured Loans for Business Works

How do secured Business Loans Work?

secured Commercial Loans Explained

With a secured business loan the core process is quite simple: You secure your loan against a tangible asset and in the case that you default, the lender takes ownership of the asset and sells it to recoup money owed.

To minimize risk, finance companies and banks will always look more favourably at borrowers who are prepared to guarantee their loans with some form of security. The added benefit of you doing so is that the interest rates on secured loans are generally lower than their unsecured counterparts.  

You’re able to borrow what you need against an asset at low-interest rates. By securing the loan against an asset, a lender may choose to lend in cases where they otherwise wouldn’t.

Secured business loan
Secured business loan - Business partners calculating loan rates

What you need to know about Secured Business Loans

If you’re a business owner with poor credit or an unenviable trading record – who would likely be turned down for an unsecured loan, you may well be accepted for a commercial loan with some form of asset to secure the loan against.

A typical example: You need a one-time lump sum for a new start-up venture. Sourcing a financing company to lend you the money can be tough. However, if you have an asset that you can use as security, you will stand a much better chance of obtaining the loan you need and will be able to spread the payments over a longer time period. This also allows new business owners to budget for the long term and take control of their finances from day one.

Which type of loan is right for your business

how long does a commercial loan last for and How much can I borrow?

You may be asking yourself, how long does a commercial loan last for? How much can I borrow?

Typically a secured loan could run anywhere from 1 to 5 years.

The value of a commercial loan can be much higher, making it a suitable choice for big-ticket purchases.

Depending on the asset offered as security and the track record of your company when applying, you could borrow anywhere from £2,000 to £500,000.

When looking for a secured loan it’s a good idea to do your homework. If you make sure you have a strong financial statement as well as a business plan which clearly lays out your anticipated turnover and profit, any lender will give you first priority. Coates is happy to advise you on how to put these documents together, so that you get the best outcome from your application.

Know the pros and cons as well as the difference

Types of Secured Business Loans

So, what types of commercial loans are there and which solution is the best for you?

Among the kinds of secured loans you’ll find on the market will be traditional term loans, self- securing loans for small businesses, business lines of credit and secured loans for bad credit.

In some rare instances, a business loan can be taken without collateral or even a credit check, but it is important to do your research to find a loan with terms that suit your business needs.

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Secured commercial loan
Secured business loan - Businesswoman opening up her shop

Which type of loan is right for your business

Benefits of a Secured Business Loan

The benefits of a secured loan include:

  • Larger sums can be borrowed compared to an unsecured loan
  • Lower rates of interest
  • Longer terms are available, thereby reducing monthly payment costs
  • Better for companies with a lower credit score

The downside of a secured loan includes:

  • Higher upfront fees to cover legal requirements
  • The potential loss of the asset if payments are not made
  • If you choose a variable interest rate, it may go up or down depending on the prevailing economic conditions.

Coates Finance will help you select the right type of secured loan for your business and choose a loan you can pay back with confidence.

a simple, straightforward process

How to Apply for A Secured Business Loan

Obtaining a secured business loan is a straightforward process. If you would like to know whether this type of loan may be available to you – please feel free to ask us.

Prior to the submission of your enquiry you must meet the minimum requirements before we can begin working with you:

  • Applicant must be a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership
  • The company must be based in the UK
  • Company MUST NOT have any CCJs

If you would like to get started right away, please complete the simple enquiry form below –  this will not affect your credit file and is for evaluation only.

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If you apply today we can process your loan agreement within 24 hours. Your funds will be transferred to you in as little as 5 days.

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Key benefits of working with Coates Asset Finance

  • Fast decision: Get a fast and responsive decision of an offer in 24-48 hours without having to approach your bank, so you can spend more time growing your business.
  • Simple Process: Short, easy-to-complete application forms without the complicated jargon so you fully understand the terms of your agreement
  • Personalised Solution: Obtain a cohesive solution to your unique financial circumstance and raise the cash to purchase the assets you need.
  • Cash Release: Fund your growth with the with £2000 - £500,000 that we can help make available for you to scale your business.
  • Specialised knowledge: Draw on our years of practical expertise in a variety of sectors to ensure you achieve your desired funding solution
  • Full Transparency: We work with a number of lending partners and will provide independent impartial advice so you always get the best deal and the best rates
  • Pay in instalments: Spread the cost of your purchases over a period of time that’s right for you; 6 month - 60 months
Fast decision
Get your finance offer in 24-48 hours. Short, easy-to-complete application forms
Personalised Solution
Obtain a cohesive solution to your unique financial circumstance and raise the cash you need
Cash release
Fund your growth with the extra money that we can help make available for you to scale your business
Specialised knowledge
Draw on our years of practical expertise to ensure you achieve your desired funding solution

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