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Hire Purchase and Finance Lease Options for Generators and Power Distribution

Let us Finance your new Generator and Power Distribution Equipment

If you’re looking to expand your hire fleet, by using Coates Finance Lease options you can spread the cost over 1-5 years on either HP or Finance Lease.

We offer a number of Hire Purchase and Lease finance packages at a very competitive rate so that you can choose the monthly repayment cost that suits your budget.

Talk to us to learn how we can finance your new power generation equipment – whether it’s smaller single phase generators or massive 3 phase, super silent Stage V generators – we can tailor a finance package to meet your needs.

Looking to finance more than just a generator?

We can finance trailer mounted generators or just the trailer if you’ve already purchased a new set.

Everything you may need from your power distribution, racks, boards and cables to AMF (Automatic Mains Failure) panels, load test banks and powerlock connectors can be financed by Coates.

The latest stage V diesel powered generators are suitable for most low emission zones, however, some are already requiring suppliers to utilise hybrid solar and  battery storage sets.

Coates has years of experience in event equipment financing. Partner with us to arrange the perfect asset finance solution to suit your individual needs.

Our asset finance professionals support you to establish your business and allow you to maintain your position at the top of the hospitality sector.

We offer Individual funding Solutions

Generator Power Finance and Leasing Solutions

As ever tighter emissions rules come into force, it’s no longer an option to run older, polluting engines. The latest single and three-phase diesel generators ranging from 5kVA to 3MVA suitable for all prime and standby power requirements, with stage V engines can be purchased over a period of 1 to 5 years.

We have provided finance for fuel cleaning systems, another area worth considering if you want your hire fleet to remain reliable for years to come.

We are always happy to finance Trucks, Hiabs, forklifts and Trailers to allow you to deliver to site, wherever that may be.
And yes, of course we’ll finance Tower Lights!

Solar and Battery Storage Systems financed at Competitive rates by Coates Finance

The latest sustainable hybrid generators can be charged and used in conjunction with any number of renewable energy options or with a standard diesel gen-set that has an auto start function. The onboard battery storage or seperate energy storage power banks are ideal for sites where a zero noise tollerance is in force.

We also fund battery storage sollutions including smaller systems such as the Tesla Power walls and sonnenCore batteries right upto industrial sized units that may have a capacity of upto 750KWh. These can be used with generators or for integrating renewable energy into an off grid solution. 

With asset finance you can:

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