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Forklift Truck Finance

Get the Latest Forklift Truck, Financed for your Material Handling and Warehousing Business

We are here to help you get access and finance Forklift trucks easily through Coates asset finance solutions.

We offer a number of financing packages at a very competitive rate so that you purchase any type of forklift truck.

Whether you want to lease electric forklift trucks or used and a new forklift truck to operate your business profitably – we got you covered.

Talk to us to learn how we can finance your new forklift trucks.

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Toyota Forklift Truck Finance
Toyota Forklift Truck Finance

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Reap the Benefits of Forklift Truck Asset Finance

Lighten your load and let us help with the heavy lifting

Forklift truck Finance - Woman driving forklift truck
Forklift truck Finance - Woman driving forklift truck

Finance Your Fork Lift Truck with Coates

Updating or getting a new forklift truck not only keeps you ahead of your competitors but is an investment in your future. 

Coates Finance have a number of lease purchase & hire purchase, leasing and refinancing packages that can be tailored to meet your specific needs

Grow and scale your business and speak to one of our finance consultants.

Coates has years of experience in warehouse equipment financing. Partner with us to arrange the perfect asset finance solution to suit your individual needs.

Our asset finance professionals support you to establish your business and ahead in a large and ever-growing number of industries.

Financing forklift trucks is as easy as 1,2,3 with Coates Finance

Get the best finance solution that you need to cover the costs of your new forklift truck so you can focus on growing your business.

With access to capital for up-to-date equipment you can keep your business operations running smoothly, your costs low and your safety standards high.

With asset finance you can:

We offer personalized funding Solutions

Forklift Truck Finance and Leasing Solutions

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