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Finance Lease

Our Finance Lease solutions offer affordable deposits, fixed monthly rental payments and the choice of either continued rental or outright purchase at the end of the agreement.

The Finance Lease solution is ideal where the asset you wish to acquire earns it’s money back over a number of years. You pay for the use of the asset as it earns money for you.
As an example, you may buy a Marquee which is to be hired out over the coming years –
The rentals each year should more than cover the monthly lease payments making expansion an easy decision.

Also great for spreading the cost of faster depreciating assets such as IT equipment over the useful life of the asset – ensuring you’ve always got up to date equipment in your business.

  • Repayments to suit you – we can tailor your rental payments to your cash flow
  • Keep hold of your valuable capital – you get the asset quickly for a low initial payment
  • Choose to keep renting the asset at the end of the agreement or purchase the title to own it
  • Only pay VAT on the rental payments, not the purchase price
  • Offset your repayments against profits
  • Often no need for additional security as the finance is normally secured on the asset

If you’re looking to finance any equipment from marquees, event furniture or the entire fit-out of a restaurant kitchen… Give us a call for some idea of available finance.


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