Asset Finance For Business

May 20, 2018

Asset Leasing

If you’re looking to fund your next big purchase – we can help you find funding.

We offer an easy way to find alternative finance without having to approach your bank. By finding alternative funding, you can save the cash in your bank – or the balance available on your overdraft, for use as working capital or just hold on to it for unforeseen expenses.

We offer Hire Purchase or Leasing depending on your circumstances and the assets you’re wanting to acquire. We can shape the monthly payments / term of the finance to suit your requirements.

By providing a fast, efficient service – we’ll get your finance arranged sooner rather than later – letting you get on with the business of business. Get the equipment you need to move forward and leave the opposition standing.

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What sort of things can we finance?

May 19, 2018

Asset Finance for Factory Machinery

At Coates Finance we can fund all sorts of things – we’ve had some strange requests in the past!
Here’s a list of some of the assets we’ve arranged finance for so far…

  • Restaurant kitchen Equipment including fryers and ranges
  • Catering Equipment
  • Event Furniture
  • Marquees
  • Mobile Toilet Units
  • Static Buildings and Cabins
  • Biomass boilers
  • Commercial Vehicles, including vans and lorries
  • Vehicle Tracking Devices
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Construction equipment
  • Hair Salon Equipment such as wash basins, chairs and mirrors.
  • Veterinary Equipment such as scanners and lasers systems.
  • EPOS Till Systems
  • Garage Equipment such as scissor and 4 post lifts and Brake testers
  • Office Equipment, computers and Furniture
  • LED Lighting
  • HVAC Systems
  • Shop Fittings and Refurbishments
  • Sports and Racing Cars

If you’re looking to fund something else – just ask, we can probably find you a funder.

If you just need a business loan or to raise working capital, give us a call – we’ll usually give you an answer within a couple of hours.

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Commercial Loans

May 17, 2018

Commercial Business Loan

Commercial and business loans can be arranged when you’d rather not approach your own bank.

We can arrange your Company an unsecured business loan of to £250,000, simple and easy application process, decisions typically made within 24 hours and funds transferred in under a week.

  • Interest rates from 5%
  • No application fees
  • Repay in fixed monthly repayments over 6 months to 5 years
  • No early repayment charges, settle any time

Sometimes it’s better to keep hold of any cash you have in your account or avoid using up your overdraft – Maybe your bank feel you’re already too highly geared and don’t want to increase their borrowing with you – we can help.

Just call and we’ll find you finance at an agreeable rate with monthly payments to suit your available cash flow.

Our process is simple and avoids filling in any long winded forms that none of us like!

Give us a call to get the ball rolling 01904 492851

Credit Line

May 16, 2018

Credit Line

By pre-approving a line of credit for our customers we are able to provide finance at short notice without the customer needing any additional credit checks.
Ideal when an opportunity arises that won’t wait around – by moving fast you can out manoeuvre your competitors.

In addition to the line of credit customers enjoy the option to stage the payments to their supplier depending upon the required payment milestones along with setting the repayments at a level that works with their cashflow.

For further details, please contact a member of our team on 01904 492851

Finance Lease

May 15, 2018

Finance lease

Our Finance Lease solutions offer affordable deposits, fixed monthly rental payments and the choice of either continued rental or outright purchase at the end of the agreement.

The Finance Lease solution is ideal where the asset you wish to acquire earns it’s money back over a number of years. You pay for the use of the asset as it earns money for you.
As an example, you may buy a Marquee which is to be hired out over the coming years –
The rentals each year should more than cover the monthly lease payments making expansion an easy decision.

Also great for spreading the cost of faster depreciating assets such as IT equipment over the useful life of the asset – ensuring you’ve always got up to date equipment in your business.

  • Repayments to suit you – we can tailor your rental payments to your cash flow
  • Keep hold of your valuable capital – you get the asset quickly for a low initial payment
  • Choose to keep renting the asset at the end of the agreement or purchase the title to own it
  • Only pay VAT on the rental payments, not the purchase price
  • Offset your repayments against profits
  • Often no need for additional security as the finance is normally secured on the asset

If you’re looking to finance any equipment from marquees, event furniture or the entire fit-out of a restaurant kitchen… Give us a call for some idea of available finance.

Hire Purchase

May 14, 2018

Hire Purchase Finance

Hire Purchase is a great solution for all sizes of businesses that want to purchase assets such as new machinery, IT equipment, vehicles and other equipment, but would rather spread the payments over time.

A hire purchase contract will usually involve a deposit on the asset or assets, after which your payments on the asset will be determined, depending on the amount of time you would like  the hire purchase contract to cover. The duration of the contract can vary to suit your budget and your business needs. The interest rates charged as part of the hire purchase terms can be either fixed or variable.
Sometimes a final ‘balloon’ payment can be incorporated into the repayment plan allowing for lower monthly payments with the benefit of ownership at the end of the agreement.

VAT is usually paid at the start of the agreement – VAT registered companies can claim this back straight away.

Contact us for more details

Sale and Leaseback

May 12, 2018

Sale and Lease Back

There are times when you need to free up some working capital.. If only you hadn’t spent all your free cash on that new piece of equipment of fancy machine.
Well don’t worry..
The answer could be right in front of you.

Sale and Lease Back..   Turn your assets into cash

We arrange for the funder to purchase your piece of equipment (subject to age / value and usual lending criteria).
They pay you money for the asset and then lease it back to you over a set rental period.

At the end of the agreement you can either keep leasing the equipment or purchase the title to it.

It’s a great way to raise money against assets you already have. Its also a fast way to raise money for investment.

  • Extract cash from your assets – Free up your money and let it work for you
  • Competitive Interest Rates – On the re-financed assets
  • Fixed Repayment Costs – Great for keeping your cash flow forecast on track
  • Fair Market Valuation – The amount leant against an existing asset is based on a reasonable market valuation
  • Funds for Whatever Purpose – use the money raised as you wish – from working capital to upgrades and investment
  • Better Finance Options for You – Lets you raise money secured against assets that normal lenders wouldn’t consider

For further info – just give us a call.  01904 492851

Vehicle Finance

May 10, 2018

Vehicle Finance

At Coates Finance we can finance any new vehicle and many that aren’t quite so new!

From vans to trucks, forklifts to excavators, bulldozers or cranes, we can get find you the best rates and the best solution for your circumstances.

Whether you’d rather lease or purchase the vehicle, have a smaller or larger initial deposit, increase the balloon payment at the end of the contract or just own the vehicle outright on completion, give us a call.
We’ll chat through the different options available to you.

We also arrange finance for Motorsport – Racing / Rally cars and associated equipment..

Motorsport Finance