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Coates Asset Finance

Coates Finance is an asset finance company based in York, United Kingdom.

The company was established by David Black and has grown to become a leading asset finance provider in the UK.

We provide:

Our asset finance solutions allow you to get access to additional sources of cash flow you may not otherwise have considered.

With over 20 years of experience, we’ll ensure you’re getting the best guidance from the smartest people in the industry.

Our extensive experience of working with individuals, startups and SMEs is second to none. You can rely on us to broker and deliver a solution for you with no up-front costs and nothing to pay until we have successfully arranged the right solution for you.

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we'll help you find funding

We offer an easy way to find alternative finance without having to approach your bank. 

We are able to offer you and your business a number of financial services that specifically cater to your sector:

  • Hire Purchase
  • Finance Leasing
  • Operating Lease
  • Asset Refinance
  • Invoice Finance
  • Commercial Business Loans
    • Secured Business Finance
    • Unsecured Business Loans
    • Working Capital Loans

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About Coates Finance Asset Solutions

Work With Our Team of Experienced Professionals

Our mission is to provide a fast, efficient service and get you up and running with the right finance solution in 24-48 hours.

Providing unbeatable customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We’re here to provide you with a tailored asset finance package that is right for you.

Let us help you find a fast, flexible and affordable solution to fund the assets you need.

We work with you to shape the monthly payments and term of the deal to suit your requirements.

We get your finance arranged sooner rather than later – letting you get on with the business of business.


Our team of experienced finance brokers have a proven track record of arranging funding for all sorts of business needs.


With access to a range of providers who specialise in different areas, we’ll find the best, most suitable deal for you.


Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority , we adopt a professional approach to ensure you get the finance you need.

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Getting the finance you need to grow your business doesn’t need to be hard. We’ve made it as simple as 1,2,3.

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