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UK manufacturing has an important role to play in business, not just in this country, but globally. 44% of total UK exports are from the manufacturing industry and include all manner of machinery, from knitting machines to nuclear reactors.

The technological advancements in the last few decades have meant that manufacturing is becoming more efficient, cheaper and capable of fulfilling large orders in timescales previously unheard of. There are over 2.5 million people employed in the manufacturing industry, making it a major player in the global economy.

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Coates Asset Finance can offer your business a range of finance agreements so you can buy the most up-to-date equipment to compete in a booming industry.




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Creating a Productive Business and Managing Your Growth

Finance for the Manufacturing Industry

Innovation and Advancement

PwC’s Annual Manufacturing Report has found that “94% of manufacturers are adjusting their business in new ways to achieve growth” and “78% are developing (or have developed) a servitude business model that adds value to customer relationships”.

Far from hiding from change, the manufacturing industry has the confidence to innovate and adjust to many factors affecting their businesses, including climate change and global competition.

Brexit has had a vast impact on the sector, with the uncertainties of exporting from a new, independent UK to countries in the EU and beyond.

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How Innovation and Advancement will Benefit your Manufacturing Business

Being abreast of manufacturing advances can transform your business by employing new talent, adopting the latest technologies to enhance your processes and systems and embracing digital opportunities.

Keeping up with demand, from customers as well as the ever-changing economy, means that the industry will need to continue to deliver products and services by transforming their business with new equipment, machinery and technology.

Flexible and Cost-effective Solutions

The potential high cost of financing your startup, or scaling your already established company doesn’t have to be prohibitive. Manufacturing finance is a simple process with easy to manage terms when you partner with Coates Finance.

Reap the Benefits of Asset Finance

Increase your Productivity

When it comes to investing in the manufacturing market, the whole world benefits. 

In developing countries, mass-produced products make them affordable and accessible for everyone. 

In more developed countries, every item imaginable comes from our manufacturing industry – from a packet of sweets to a combine harvester.

Manufacturing machinery and equipment finance gives you the best chance of growing your business without stripping you of all your cash. 

With over 20 years’ experience, Coates have arranged many solutions to manufacturing businesses across the UK, so that they can continue to produce while scaling their company.

Purchase your equipment with Coates

You can use one of the following solutions we arrange for manufacturing businesses.

  • Hire Purchase
  • Finance Leasing
  •  Operating Lease
  •  Asset Refinance
  • Commercial Business Loans
    • Secured Business Finance
    • Unsecured Business Loans
    • Working Capital Loans

Our asset finance experts help your company stay viable while getting ahead so you can continue to diversify and grow your manufacturing business.

If you’re looking to fund any manufacturing equipment, complete the form below to request a call back or call us today for a complete solution.

List of Manufacturing Equipment and Machinery

Here’s a list of the most common appliances you can buy with your manufacturing equipment finance and lease solution:

  • Milling machinery
  • Lathe
  • Mig and Arc welders
  • Packaging systems and machines
  • Loading machinery
  • Production robots
  • Grinding and finishing machinery
  • Vacuums, dust collectors and oxidisers
  • Coating equipment
  • Filtration and separation products
  • Gas handling equipment
  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • Cleaning and surface preparation equipment
  • Inspection tools and instruments
  • Safety sensors
  • Stamping and pressing equipment
  • Extrusion plant
  • Pilot plants
  • Conveyor and elevator systems
  • Wrapping machines
  • Inspection and testing systems
  • Inventory storage systems and racking
  • Fork lift trucks
  • Refrigeration plant

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