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The renewable energy industry is on the rise, mainly due to concerns over the negative impact fossil fuels have on the world’s climate. They come from sources such as wind, solar, hydro, biomass and geothermal.

Although most of the world’s population still uses fossil fuels, renewable energy is the fastest growing energy source today. Few to none direct greenhouse gas emissions are created with renewables, a much cleaner option than coal or gas fired power stations.

Combating climate change and decreasing pollution are at the forefront of both government legislation and industry guidelines and the renewable energy industry is set to grow exponentially over the next decade.

Lease and Finance Renewable Energy Equipment and Machinery with Coates

Coates Asset Finance can offer your business a range of finance agreements so you can buy renewable energy equipment for your growing business.




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Finance to Start and Scale your business

Finance for the Renewable Energy Sector

High demand for a growing industry

According to a report by Deloitte, “the renewable energy sector saw significant demand from most market segments as overall consumer sentiment remained positive.” 

The industry is set to compete successfully with traditional energy sources due to lower production and storage costs as well as its market resilience.

Many consumers are turning to renewable and sustainable energy for their electricity needs to save costs and answer the issues of climate change. 

The industry is set to deal with trade and tariff policy in the future, but as Deloitte states, “companies that are ready to innovate, collaborate, and seize new opportunities will likely thrive in a new phase of renewable growth.”

Renewable & Sustainable Energy Asset Finance
Finance your renewable energy equipment with Coates

Simple Energy Equipment Solutions for a Growing Industry

While renewable and sustainable energy is in high demand across the world, competing in an ever-growing market may seem a formidable task.

But partnering with Coates will put your mind at rest. Hire purchase and leasing your equipment and machinery will reduce the stress of large up-front costs as well as giving you easy-to-manage repayment terms.


The solutions are as numerous as your business needs are unique. Renewable energy finance gives you freedom over your cash while purchasing assets that will set your business apart.

Reap the Benefits

Release your Cash and Create a Cleaner Business

There is no doubt that renewables will one day take over from fossil fuel as the largest provider of industrial and household energy needs. 

Whether you are providing equipment and machinery for sustainable power generation or a business wanting to reduce your carbon footprint through on-site renewable energy, Coates have the finance solutions to perfectly match your business needs.

Put yourself at the forefront of a revolutionary means of energy production. Invest in assets that will give you the springboard to compete in any sector of the industry.

Partnering with Coates means you have access to expert advice and guidance in finding the perfect solution to help establish and grow your business, providing clean energy to everyone.

If you are ready to scale your operations with the best renewable energy equipment, you will be delighted with an agreement with Coates.

You can use one of the following solutions we arrange for renewable energy equipment finance:

  • Hire Purchase
  • Finance Leasing
  •  Operating Lease
  •  Asset Refinance
  • Commercial Business Loans
    • Secured Business Finance
    • Unsecured Business Loans
    • Working Capital Loans

Our asset finance experts help find affordable solutions to spread the cost of your business upgrade.

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List of renewable energy equipment and plant machinery

Coates can finance any equipment for your renewable energy business. Here is a list of appliances we provide funding for:

  • Biomass boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Solar panels
  • Inverters
  • Racking systems and mounts
  • Battery storage equipment
  • Waste heat to electricity conversion equipment
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment
  • Meters
  • Furnaces
  • Wind turbines
  • Transformers
  • Control systems
  • Hydroelectric turbines and gates
  • Heat pumps
  • Drilling rigs
  • Frost-heat exchangers
  • Condenser water systems
  • Heat transfer systems

We offer personalised funding Solutions

Renewable Energy Equipment Financing and Leasing Solutions

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