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How is Hire Purchase different from Finance leasing?

One of the more common questions we receive here at Coates Finance is “How is Hire Purchase different from leasing?” When determining what’s right for you and your company, it’s crucial to know the basic differences between hiring and leasing.

Hire Purchase and Finance Leasing are both very good options for funding assets, such as high-value electrical goods, agricultural equipment and manufacturing plant.

Finance Leasing

This is a form of renting where your business uses the asset for the negotiated period but you return it at the end of the contract. If you want to upgrade your asset regularly, then this may be the best option. 

When the contract ends, you return it and enter into a new leasing contract for a new one. This also means you don’t have the responsibility of disposing the old equipment.

Hire purchase

Hire purchase is an extremely convenient way to spread the cost of expensive business equipment. The difference with hire purchase is that you own the asset at the end of the agreement, usually for a nominal fee. It is a great option for business equipment which has a lifetime longer than the term of the loan.

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