Free up your Cashflow by Selling and Leasing Back your Assets

Asset Refinance

A Flexible Sale and Leaseback Option

Turn Your Assets into Cash

Starting and running a business can be a juggling act. By partnering with the UK’s top asset finance company, you never have to drop the ball. If you need to free up some working capital but cash is not easily available, you’ve come to the right place.

With Coates Finance, you can turn your existing assets into cash with a sale-and-leaseback arrangement, also known as asset refinance.

If you are a small business looking to free up immediate cashflow, you have everything you need within reach when you apply with us.

Asset refinance is an alternative funding option for businesses in need of working capital right now. With a sale and leaseback agreement you can sell your existing assets to a lender in return for working capital. You can then still use the equipment by leasing it back from the lender.

We’ll work with you to customise a payment plan that works for your business. When all the payments have been made we will return your asset back to your business. A simple process when you partner with Coates.

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How does Asset Refinance Work?

Helping you Get the Best Asset Refinance Deal for your Business

Refinancing is a fast and flexible way to access working capital without approaching your bank.

Coates will arrange for your equipment to be purchased and then leased back to you over a set rental period.

When the agreed-upon term comes to an end you can choose to keep leasing the equipment or purchase it back.

Sale and leaseback financing benefits businesses that already own assets such as vehicles and heavy equipment as well as plant and machinery.

Depending upon how much capital you need for your business you can refinance single or multiple assets. Turning your existing equipment into working capital allows you to improve and grow your business.

Asset refinance: Sale and leaseback
Equipment refinance is available for many assets, including heavy plant

Refinance Commercial Vehicles, Equipment, Plant Machinery And Tools

Here’s a list of some of commercial vehicles, equipment, plant machinery and tools that you can refinance:

The Advantages of Sale and Leaseback​

Helping your Business to Own Assets and Equipment

How Refinancing can Boost your Business

Sale and leaseback financing frees up working capital giving you an immediate cashflow injection.

The agreement terms give you continued use of the equipment with low monthly payments.

You can spread your costs over a longer period of time, giving you better cashflow. It allows you to make capital on assets you already own while protecting your business from asset depreciation.

Is Asset Refinance Right for My Business?

If you run a small business, you need to free up some immediate cash and already own valuable equipment and machinery, asset refinance may be an ideal solution for you.

At Coates we help you every step of the way to get the best finance options for your business.

What Happens when you Refinance?

When applying for asset refinance with us, the first thing we will do for you is determine the value of the asset based on its current condition and how it has been used.

We take the stress out of this process by using qualified inspectors to determine the value of your asset and how much it is worth.

The final step is to transfer ownership of the asset to Coates or one our our funding solution providers.

Looking to refinance your existing assets? Just complete the short form below or give us call today. We can refinance almost any business asset.

Turn your Assets into Cash

Why Sale and Leaseback is Right for You

Asset Refinance is a simple solution for companies who have valuable equipment and need a boost in cashflow.

We can arrange for the purchase of your equipment, machinery and tools so that you can focus on growing your business.

At the end of the agreement you can either keep leasing the equipment or buy it back.

Refinancing is a great way to raise money against assets you already have. It’s also a fast way to raise money for investment.

Highlights of Sale and Leaseback

  • Extract Cash from your Assets – free up your money and let it work for you
  • Competitive Interest Rates – to suit your business growth
  • Fixed Repayment Costs – great for keeping your cashflow forecast on track
  • Fair Market Valuation – we’ll arrange the best finance available according to the value of your asset
  • Funds your Purpose – use the money raised as you wish, from working capital to upgrades and investment
  • Better Finance Options for You – allows you to raise money secured against assets that normal lenders wouldn’t consider.
Asset refinance: Sale and leaseback-Why Sale And Leaseback?
Partner with Coates for quick and easy sale and leaseback financing

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a flexible funding option

How to Apply for Asset Refinance

Partnering with us is a simple process. Here’s how you can apply to get your Refinance Purchase Funding within 48 hours.

Before we can successfully process your application, there are a few requirements that your business must have in place:

  • The applicant must be a limited company or limited liability partnership
  • The company must be based in the UK
  • The company must be clear of any county court judgements.

Asset refinance for business couldn’t be simpler. Pre-approval is only a few steps away. Just complete the application form below to find out if you qualify to work with us.

Our pre-approval process is quick and easy. Speak to one of our knowledgeable finance professionals to see how we can help your business.

Working With You To Grow Your Business​

Why Choose Coates Finance?​

Key Benefits of Working with us

Fast and Simple

Get your finance offer in 24-48 hours. Short, easy-to-complete application forms

Personal and Flexible

Raise the right amount with the right finance lease agreement to suit your specific circumstances

Release the Cash You Need

Fund your growth with the extra money that we can help make available for you

Specialised and Open

Draw on our years of practical expertise to ensure you achieve your desired funding solution

Get Started

Partner with Coates Finance

Here is what we need to get started

Fast Asset Refinance in 3 Easy Steps

Our friendly team of experts are waiting to assist you and your company.

We’ll help you finalise a solution that meets your needs, and take the hassle out of the decision-making process so you can spend more time on what matters to you most – growing your business.

We have streamlined the application process and made it simple to apply for the funding you need.

Complete the short form below and let’s get started today.

Complete the form below and speak to one of our knowledgeable business finance professionals, who will answer your questions and guide you through every step to a solution that works for you.

You can also give us a call if you need immediate answers to your questions. Our friendly experts will happily answer any questions you may have before you begin your application.

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