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Do you operate a Motorhome hire fleet?

Are you looking to upgrade to the latest, fuel efficient vehicles? Using finance these may be more affordable than you think.

We finance Motorhomes, Camper Vans and Hospitality units for businesses in the UK – either for their own use or for Hiring for reward.

Coates Finance can help you access and finance all types of camper vans and motorhomes easily through our range of finance packages.

We offer Hire Purchase or Finance Lease deals on new or used motorhomes and campervans, we’re also happy to fund older vehicles, higher mileage, left hand drive or converted vehicles.

Whether it’s an executive motorhome from Carthago, a RV from Volkner or a smaller camper van from VW we can help you get the finance you need at great rates.

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Upgrade your Fleet today with our Motorhome Financing.

Finance all your vehicles with Coates Finance

Whether you’re running a small fleet of motorhomes for select customers to rent or a bigger fleet through multiple depots, we’re here to help.

By financing the newest vehicles you get to benefit from greater reliability whilst your customers get better fuel efficiency, improved internal comfort and an overall better experience. Happy customer = more return business = greater profits.

Coates Finance has a number of lease-purchase & hire purchase, leasing and refinancing solutions available, so you can acquire any van when you need it most. 

Coates has years of experience with vehicle financing. We’re always happy to look at funding everything from the largest RV down to the smaller camper vans popular with customers around the UK.

Motorhomes still provide an economic way for your customers to get out on the road, go where they like and enjoy a relaxed break away from home. With the features fitted to modern vehicles, it really can be like a home away from home.


We offer a number of personalized funding solutions for Motorhomes and Camper Vans

Motorhome Finance for UK Businesses

Commercial vehicle finance solutions from - Coates Finance
Whether you need a used RV or hospitality unit for motorsport, or a fleet of economical motorhomes for hire, we're happy to quote.

Get costs covered, and finance your new motorhomes / camper vans so you can efficiently run your business

With asset finance you can:

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