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Looking to Buy, Hire, Lease; New or Used Van for your business? You've come to the right place

Do you need vans for running your business and delivering goods and services to your customers?

Are you looking to upgrade your current fleet of vans? 

Coates Finance can help you access and finance all types of commercial vans easily through our range of finance packages.

We offer various vehicle financing solutions that will allow any UK business to purchase any type of van (new or used) with little to no hassle and regardless of if you have bad credit.

Whether it’s an executive van such as Mercedes Benz, BMV or everyday vans such as a Ford, Vauxhall or VW, we can help you get financed. 

We are a friendly and approachable team that can help.

Talk to us to learn how we can help you to finance your van today.

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Van finance for business owners - on the road
Van finance for business owners - on the road

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Dive the Van Your Business needs today with Van Financing.

Van Finance for Small Business and SME
Van Finance for Small Business and SME in the UK

Finance all your vans with Coates Finance

Vans are an essential form of transportation that add value to nearly any type of business.

Whether you’re running a courier business, or just need a van to do a run of products to the post office.

A van will not only help you to easily get around and transport your goods and services but will also keep you ahead of your competitors.

Coates Finance has a number of lease-purchase & hire purchase, leasing and refinancing solutions available, so you can acquire any van when you need it most. 

Coates has years of experience with vehicle financing.

Our van finance professionals are here to advise you even if you are suffering from Bad Credit. We are ahead of the curve when it comes to all things finance.

Partner with us today to arrange the ideal asset finance solution to suit your business needs.


Van Finance Deals

Van finance solutions from the UK's leading Asset Finance Provider - Coates Finance

Get costs covered, and finance your new vans so you can efficiently run your business

With access to capital for up-to-date vehicles, you can keep your business operations running smoothly. We also have a number of vans available for leasing through our sister company Lease Not Buy.

With asset finance you can:

We offer a number of personalized funding solutions for vans

Van Finance for Business Owners

Hire purchase allows you to obtain vans your business needs and pay for it in increments over a negotiated period.

At the end of the agreed-upon time, you will be offered the option to purchase the asset.

A finance lease works like a loan agreement that allows you to acquire the vans your business needs without having to buy them outright.

Coates arranges for a funder to purchase the assets your business needs for you and lease them back to you over a negotiated time period.

An operating lease is an agreement that allows your business to use and operate equipment and machinery without committing to ownership.

The agreed-upon rental term of an operating lease is typically shorter than the life of the asset.

Asset Refinance is an ideal solution for your business if you also use heavy equipment, plant machinery or vehicles.

Also known as a sale and leaseback agreement, this finance solution allows your company to sell existing vans in return for working capital.

This enables you to still use your assets by leasing them back from us whilst freeing up cash for other purposes.

Secured commercial loan

A secured business or commercial loan is a loan secured against an asset of the borrower, giving them the working capital they need right away.

Unsecured Business Loan

An unsecured business loan allows businesses to obtain essential vehicles without collateral.

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